Secure Virtual Data Rooms for Sharing Files and Information

Businesses are constantly creating, consuming, and sharing information as part of their operations. These can be both routine and confidential documents, the leakage of which can be detrimental to the company. Executives understand that company data is a company’s most valuable asset and must be protected, which is why virtual data rooms are such a sought-after tool today. But not all VDRs provide the same security features. This article will highlight the most secure data room solutions.

About iDeals Virtual Data Room

Since 2008, iDeals, a virtual data room provider, has established itself as a comprehensive and feature-rich VDR platform. The provider offers services for industries ranging from mergers and acquisitions to biotechnology. iDeals has been at the top of the best providers for quite some time, as it offers every possible feature for processes such as:

  • M&A transactions
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring
  • Comprehensive due diligence
  • Fundraising
  • IPO
  • Real Estate Management
  • Communications with the board of directors

Security, as befits a leading VDR provider – is top-notch. The system offers biometric authentication that protects entry from unauthorized users. Space administrators can adjust the level of access to documents from other users, depending on their responsibilities, and there is also a watermarking feature. In addition to the basic elements of any quality VDR, iDeals also offers:

  • Remote destruction – removes VDR data from someone else’s device at any time
  • Fence view -protects data from unauthorized photos and screenshots
  • Secure spreadsheet browsing -Excel data is now securely protected
  • Security certification -SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR

In addition, iDeals simplifies the document management process by offering download, conversion, indexing, and search automation features.

About Citrix Sharefile Virtual Data Room

Citrix Sharefile is a flexible VDR provider suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. The industries that can benefit most from the platform are finance, law, and healthcare. The data room security functionality of includes advanced technologies that comply with international security standards SOK 2 and CCAE 16. Key security features of Citrix Sharefile include:

  • 256-bit data encryption
  • SSL and TLS encryption during document downloads
  • Unique, strong passwords
  • Detailed access settings for an unlimited number of clients
  • Secure data of investment banks and companies

Citrix collaboration features are very flexible and convenient. The system indexes documents by itself and provides multi-level file categories and full-text search. In addition, analytics and monitoring features allow you to monitor user actions and steer company processes in the right direction to increase productivity.

About Datasite Virtual Data Room

Datasite is one of the most robust platforms for complex financial transactions. Its services include mergers and acquisitions, post-merger integration, IPOs, financial transactions, and restructurings. However, it is worth noting that the provider does not focus on any particular industry; it can be useful to everyone, real estate agencies, and law firms alike.

Its list of security features is truly impressive; they include:

  • Employee security training -reduces the likelihood of human error
  • Annual security audits -reduce the likelihood of vulnerabilities and security breaches
  • Physical security measures -DataSite data center personnel can only access data with a key card
  • Customizable watermarks – each user will be able to see their personal information with a watermark in the documents they open, reducing the likelihood of internal data leakage
  • Detailed user permissions – administrators regulate the ability to copy, edit, forward, download, and print a document based on user responsibilities
  • AI editing – allows you to erase all sensitive information from a document at once

Compare the Best Virtual Data Rooms, Software

Comparing the virtual data room solutions is becoming more popular as remote collaboration expands. You need to make sure you are using the best VDR software.

Find a Software Solution for Online Work with the Best VDR Software

The need for data storage has evolved as computer systems have become more complex and have handled ever-larger amounts of data. So what is a virtual data room? This is an Internet site, usually created for a specific period and for a specific purpose, which provides authorized users with access to a secure database of documents in accordance with their access rights. Initially, virtual data rooms were created as an alternative to physical data rooms during M&A due diligence.

The outer shell of a virtual data room contributes to user comfort. The design must emphasize the text content, allowing you to focus on it and not distract. Any banners and advertisements should be integrated in a natural way so that they do not cause inconvenience while viewing content. VDR is a software solution for online work with electronic documents, designed for both individual and collective use. It can be used as a document repository and can also make it easier to organize, search, and work with digital files.

Online data room software is now a key tool for secure storage and sharing of sensitive data. Of course, you need to properly assess your company’s needs and compare different vendors before choosing the VDR that will bring you success. Follow the simple recommendations of this blog, and you will never go wrong with your choice.

The Comparison of the Best Data Rooms: iDeals and EveryTag

Ideals and EveryTag are VDR storage market leaders and the best in the business. Check out and compare virtual data rooms now! iDeals still occupies a leading position in the VDR technology market. This solution is popular in most industries but is most often used by investment banking companies, licensed organizations, and real estate agencies. The main reason for its popularity is its simple and intuitive interface. It is not overloaded with control buttons, so you and your colleagues will not have to get used to it for a long time.

The main peculiarities of the iDeals data room are:

  • Friendly for beginners and easy to use. 

  • Excellent collaboration opportunities. 

  • Workspace integration. 

  • Data Loss Protection. 

  • Individual branding. 

  • Document watermark.

It is important to note that the iDeals architecture is built in such a way that each user has a resource for which he is responsible, which is different from other information storage systems, where the resource has only a conditional owner. This allows you to make management decisions regarding employees in case of violation of the rules for granting access to confidential information.

However, the uniqueness of the EveryTag solution lies in the fact that it allows you not only to restrict access rights to a document at the stage of delivery to an external counterparty but also to manage access and the lifetime of files after they are downloaded to external users’ devices. 

Besides, the main feature of the EveryTag allows you to simplify the workflow and make it more convenient. For example, to improve interaction with colleagues, you can create surveys, complete Q&A sections, questionnaires, etc. In addition, most VDRs support integration with third-party applications, the ability to add plugins, etc.

How Data Rooms Can Facilitate Data-Driven Marketing?

Data room offers the widest range of services, from scanning, editing, document indexing, quality control, data collection, to providing the data needed to resolve disputes after the conclusion of the agreement and integration after the merger, as well as facilitating data-driven marketing.

The Concept of Driving a Data Marketing with the Virtual Data Room

Companies that know the characteristics and needs of individual customers can change their offers, product announcements, means of delivery, and forms of payment accordingly in order to maximize the consumer value of the product and customer satisfaction. Today’s companies have a very powerful tool that allows them to access the names, surnames, addresses, preferences, and other relevant information about individual and potential buyers. It will be a database of buyers.

Database marketing is a type of direct marketing, focused on the application of statistical methods of analysis of consumer behavior, which underlie the choice of contacts for advertising communication. With the help of mathematical modeling of data, consumer behavior models are developed that allow companies to effectively allocate marketing resources. Database marketing implies that the company has the right to use information repositories and use methods of collecting and processing data on potential consumers.

The goal of data-driven marketing is to make every piece of content more personalized. In this case, personalization means addressing the needs and interests of the target audiences you are trying to reach. While you may and must do market research as part of your marketing training, personalization will give you accurate facts and figures showing what is most appropriate for each individual audience. By doing so, you eliminate uncertainty, save time on research, and fill the biggest knowledge gaps so your team can improve the effectiveness of all marketing activities.

Similarly, with the help of simple and clear abstractions, the programmer hides all the unnecessary details of the organization of interrupts, timer operation, memory management, etc. Moreover, on modern data room systems like you can create the illusion of unlimited, and number of processors. The operating system does all this. Thus, the operating system is presented to the user as a virtual machine, which is easier to deal with than directly with computer equipment.

The Advantages of Facilitating Data-Driven Marketing with the Data Room?

The revolution of data-driven marketing in the early twentieth century introduced the automation of repetitive operations. Over time, the flexibility and speed of industrial robots and numerically controlled machines have increased, and the cost of their production and operation has decreased. Today, machines can be relied on for processes with relatively simple production control algorithms, as well as facilitating data-driven marketing with the data room.

The advantages of facilitating data-driven marketing with the data room are that it:

  • creates more conveniences and reduces the time of buyers to search and purchase goods;
  • gives the buyer a choice from a significant number of commercial enterprises;
  • helps to maintain long-term relationships with each customer;
  • provides an opportunity to study alternative means of advertising and advertising messages;
  • ensures the confidentiality of proposals;
  • allows sellers to effectively focus on micro-markets through offers that better meet specific customer requests;
  • marketers can buy the addresses of almost any group of consumers, target potential customers in accordance with its requirements;
  • the company’s strategy in the field of direct marketing remains out of the attention of competitors;
  • is a more economical and efficient method of selling goods to regular and potential buyers.

Top data room providers Review | Best VDR Comparison

Virtual data rooms play an important role in modern business companies. They are the primary helpers in many processes that include document sharing and storage, as well as in various types of transactions and audits. The VDR market has grown enormously in recent years and offers from various providers have snowballed like snow before Christmas, but some providers remain on top of the market despite a large number of new offerings. A simple question in Italian would sound like virtual data room cos’è? That’s what we’ll talk about in this article. 

iDeals VDR is the best of the best 

IDeals is a large provider that provides services in a variety of industries and different sizes of businesses, but most often in the medium to large size. It is a reliable and flexible provider that has earned the trust of top executives and experienced bankers around the world. IDeals is always improving its skills and features by listening to customer feedback and providing an extremely secure and convenient solution to achieve all the goals the company has set for itself. 

The main features of VDRs are: 

  • Functions for mass uploading and dragging and dropping of documents, with an unlimited volume or number of files
  • Multiple file formats support during uploading
  • Automatic file indexing and full-text search
  • Possibility to access data room from any OS and device
  • Limited storage 

Intralinks Review 

Intralinks is the ideal solution during M&A transactions and offers the most extensive features in the field. It uses file analysis features and even AI abilities while keeping the interface simple and easy to use. 

Intralinks also offers a 30-day free trial of its product before you buy it. Prices for the Intralinks plan start at $25, and it’s best to check with the vendor for details. 

The main features of VDRs are: 

  • Mass download and drag-and-drop features to ensure easy downloads
  • Ability to rename files right before downloading
  • Automatic and thorough reporting of user activity in the space
  • Support desk provides help in languages other than English
  • Access program on all operating systems and devices 

Merrill Datasite – Overview 

Merrill Datasite is a versatile virtual data room that can work effectively in many areas including banking, private equity, law firms, and more. Provider provides excellent customizability of parameters and management of document actions and also has a feature of visual analytics. 

Also, the security of Merrill Datasite is at the highest level even compared with its competitors, its capabilities can meet any requirements for security. 

The main features of VDR: 

  • Control and permission management features
  • Definition of access and interaction with documents according to roles
  • Context search
  • Drag function for uploading files
  • Provides desktop-only access to Windows and Mac, allows you to download zipped files up to 50GB 

BrainLoop Overview

BrainLoop provides a SaaS solution as protection for valuable company data. With it, the data room can also be used during board meetings, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and secure collaboration. 

BrainLoop offers a free trial of its product but does not list pricing anywhere other than the official site, so it is best to check with the vendor for details. 

The main features of VDR are: 

  • Customers can access VDR both online and offline
  • Besides desktop use, it has support for mobile applications for all OSes
  • The program is integrated with MS Office

What is spyware and what is anti-spyware software?

Cyberattacks and malware are some of the biggest threats on the Internet. In this article, you will learn what is spyware and anti-spyware software?

What is spyware software?

Quite often people mistakenly rely solely on antivirus software to protect against malware. Although most antiviruses can protect your PC from various types of malware to one degree or another, this protection alone is often not enough. A more or less reliable option for complete system protection is the flagship version of products, the so-called Internet Security. The price is naturally the highest. Another protection option is additional anti-spyware software.

Most spyware programs run in the background of a device invisible to suspects. Some of the most common reasons why attackers use spyware include collecting data for sale to third parties, stealing personal data, or spying on a computer.

Spyware silently tracks cookies to display your use of the Internet, tracking your social media activity, tracking emails you send, and more. Often used to collect personal information for sale to third parties, such as advertisers. It is also used as a method of spying on others and exploiting the victim’s actions for the hacker’s benefit.

The signs of spyware

Signs of a spyware infection in your PC may include:

  • Change the home page. Spyware just loves to switch the browser’s home page. If you did not change the settings of the home page, and it suddenly changed, likely, spyware is already in the system.
  • Pop-up advertising windows. Spyware will simply flood you with pop-ups that have nothing to do with the web page you are visiting. The content of ad windows can be very different.
  • Changing the search engine. If you are already changing your home page, why not play with the search engine. Even if you manually reset the settings to the original version, the spyware will change them the next time you reboot.
  • Redirection is performed by changing the parameters of the system of the domain name. In addition to changing settings, spyware can install its toolbars in the browser.
  • Low system performance. Spyware takes resources for its “malicious” activity in your system.

One of the most dangerous features of all spyware and hardware devices – keyloggers – is the registration of keystrokes made by the user to monitor computer activity. When a user types their password and credit card information on the keyboard, it is possible that every keystroke is being recorded at that moment. In other words, spyware can intercept text from a document, even if the user did not type it from the keyboard, but simply opened and viewed the file.

What is anti-spyware software?

Anti-spyware programs are separate applications focused specifically on spyware and adware. It follows that adding the anti-spyware software to antivirus is quite a sensible idea. Of course, antivirus programs detect some spyware, but anti-spyware utilities are much more effective. And although manufacturers believe that for Windows 7, 8, or Vista enough built-in Windows Defender. Putting an antispyware program from a third-party manufacturer does not hurt. Especially since, as mentioned above, there are many free or inexpensive antispyware programs. However, before you install an anti-spyware program on your computer, read them. Otherwise, you risk installing a cunning spy fake instead of an anti-spy. And of course, do not neglect preventive measures.

Besides, antispyware protects your computer not only from spyware, but also from other “useless” software, such as intrusive advertising, obscure browser add-ons, fraudulent programs, virus-spreading sites, and more.

The 3 Best Virtual boardroom Platforms for Business

There are many ways to establish connections between people at a considerable distance from the interlocutor. The best solution is to use a specialized boardroom for video conferencing. 

How to choose a boardroom?

Digitalization has made it possible for a relatively long time to hold videoconferences with many participants. And many companies are already actively using this format of meetings, when its participants can be at their workplaces, at home, or even thousands of kilometers from the office.

Whether you are a business firm, an organization, a start-up, or an individual, you want to find the right software for your needs. The needs of the virtual boardroom largely depend on why you plan to hold the webinar. Here are some features and capabilities you might want to see among your boardroom tools:

  • Security. Depending on the goals of your webinar, you can restrict access to it. You may also want to keep the list of members and their contact information confidential. If your webinar is paid, you would like to protect your visitors’ payment information.
  • The number of participants. Many platforms for webinars to some extent determine their value depending on the number of participants. This makes some sense because more participants require more resources. You would like to choose a platform that includes both the planned number of participants and your budget.
  • Support. When choosing an online resource or software, it is important to think about the possibility of technical support. The latter can be useful if something went wrong or a question arose during the launch of the webinar.

A selection of tools for effective online communication

The digital world offers us many opportunities to enhance virtual events. Let’s get acquainted with 3 online platforms for your webinars, training, presentations, and boards:

  • MyOwnConference

This convenient video service supports up to 16 different international languages. This allows you to easily organize both local and international online negotiations with partners. Up to 2,000 people can talk in one web conference at a time. At the same time, everyone can connect to conversations from any convenient device – a smartphone on different platforms, a laptop, or a computer. In addition to various broadcasts, you can view videos, presentations, show your device screen, and exchange text messages in the chat.

  • WebEx

This service for online conferences is considered one of the most popular. It allows for a variety of conferences, training, talks, or conferences, as well as online seminars. There are a variety of features for this, from showing graphic presentations to an online sharing board. Using the application is not so complicated, and setting up the functionality for your own convenience takes no more than 30 minutes. This tool is quite convenient for listeners who do not even need to register or install the program on their devices.

  • Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing provider that once attracted a huge number of users to the US market. The free version of this service offers the possibility of video conferencing with up to 100 participants and a duration of up to 40 minutes, as well as up to 40 minutes of recording the broadcast. The service has an excellent support service and an intuitive interface. The disadvantages are the lack of cloud storage and the need to register on the platform and download additional software.

How to Use VDR software for making online deals

In this article, you will learn the key points of the workflow.

The role of Virtual Data Room in online deals

All key information required to conclude a transaction must be in online storage. Today, this function is perfectly fulfilled by Virtual Data Rooms, which not only allow participants to have remote access to documents at any time but also provide a high level of security. There are also other pros of using VDR:

  • The structured, collected in one place information enables the buyer to complete due diligence faster, while the study of “live” documents can take months.

  • Another indisputable advantage of the Virtual Data Room is the ability to analyze weaknesses in advance and eliminate errors or shortcomings. For example, make sure that the necessary information is provided in full: all contracts are signed by both parties, all amendments to documents are documented, minutes and resolutions of meetings of shareholders and directors are properly drawn up, etc. Often, investors are extremely attentive to such details, flaws in the documents can delay the term of the transaction or become a reason for discounting the price.

  • In addition, a careful analysis of the behavior of the buyer or his representatives in the Virtual Data Room will help to understand which documents he is most interested in and, with a high probability, predict what arguments he will use in negotiations, wanting to receive a discount.

Key Points

To send files, the user uploads them to the store, configures access, and sends a link to the recipient. The process can be automated since many developers implement integration with file managers, mail programs, instant messengers and other popular software in client applications. In this case, the process of uploading and sending does not look much more complicated than attaching an attached file to an email. If documents are protected using DRM technologies, the recipient will have to install special agent software on the computer to control the correctness of their use. In this case, there are more control possibilities, but far from all types of data will be able to be protected with DRM – usually only Microsoft Office documents.

The key persons involved in the process of processing corporate documents may be:

â— CFO of a private company;

â— financial analyst;

â— End-user who needs to view documents.

The workflow

As for the main workflow, it provides the following stages:

1. Create a data room.

2. Downloading and structuring the documents of a private company most effectively.

3. Add new users to the room data.

4. Grant certain users access to certain documents.

5. Launch the data cabinet. All users must access at the same time to avoid misunderstandings.

6. Control of user activity: who is the most active and interested; who has not viewed any documents, etc.

7. End and close the data room.

Having gained access to the Virtual Data Room, the parties receive the most comfortable conditions for effective, regular, and structured work.

Secure data room

Nowadays, a productive working process in any type of company is impossible without modern technologies that are beneficial for users. That is why we have prepared a piece of unique information about secure data room, virtual data room, business security, and security systems. These are the main components that will support in work. So, let’s get closer and try to avoid all difficulties.

A secure virtual data room is your best chance in assuring that all confidential information used in various business processes or financial affairs continues in your power and safe at all times. As you can understand, the main task of a secure data room, in Germany – sicherer datenraum,  is to protect all sorts of documents. 

Virtual data room has all the essential features where you can keep it.

In other words, a virtual data room is a secure system for confidential information. Especially it is used in consolidations and purchases, where the customers, agents, and the solicitors running the businesses can meet to access documents. The ideal virtual data room is easy in using uploading and downloading the crucial information, and review the document when it is needed. Every type of data room has different features that allow to deal with hardships and begin effective work. 

All this can not work accurately without business security. It is crucial in every organization to reduce the potential level of threat and theft of important information. It will also convince customers that their documents and the various transactions they have carried out will be secure. That will ensure high customer confidence and bring greater profits to the company. Therefore, all virtual data rooms have a high level of protection. One of the main goals of these rooms is customer safety and fast work with documents. Of course, we have provided the list of the most functional secure data room that various companies utilize in their work. You will also find profound analyzes of each of the data rooms. If it will be essential, you can contact us, and we will advise you what you can choose relying on our experience and goals.

In fact, there is always something to grow, and it is never too late to change.

The main thing is not to be afraid of something new, but to always try to grow, try new methods, and just do not standstill. This information is valuable because when you make sense of it, you look at things from a different angle and realize that new technologies are inseparable from productive work. Try to investigate in your working process new methods. It is high time to feel a responsibility for your future.


Where to Get Avast Cleanup Premium key

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Avast Cleanup Premium activation code. Its features and functionality, as well as where to get it.

What is an Avast Cleanup Premium activation code?

Avast cleanup premium key is the latest cleanup program for your computer. This program has several useful functions to improve the speed of your PC, free up space, clean up all unnecessary files and eliminate all minor errors, preventing serious consequences from them.

Your computer’s memory gets clogged with unnecessary things over the years and as a result, its speed decreases. Avasant cleanup premium offers a complete optimization of your computer along with a set of tools adapted to your Windows system.

This program includes options such as cleanup, shortcuts, disk and browser cleanup, malware removal, one-click maintenance, and more. Computer memory can get clogged up due to autorun items, background processes, and scheduled activities, but an avast cleanser will help eliminate all the effects of these activities.

Key Avast cleaning functions

  • The system hibernates all applications that exclude resources in order not to clog the computer’s memory
  • Regularly cleans your computer in a few clicks, keeping it clean
  • Uninstaller for over 200 popular applications, helping to remove them from your system without leaving a trace
  • Deletes has hidden junk and protects your privacy on over 25 browsers by deleting cookies and your search history
  • All updates are downloaded automatically
  • Apply a fast overview of your PC health, deletes huge gigabytes of junk, and speeds up your PC’s workflow

What’s new in the Avast Cleanup activation code?

What does the updated version of Avast Сleanup promise us and what features does it have? The manufacturers of the program first of all guarantee the users the longevity of the computer at high speed. As well as instant optimization and elimination of system errors. With the updated version of the program, you can put the system into sleep mode to reduce power consumption and also solve pop-up problems and errors with one movement of the computer mouse.

Avast Cleanup is a very powerful cleaner that can remove over a hundred additional files from your system. Its functionality also includes protection against harmful viruses, blocking personalized ads and pop-up windows, providing complete comfort to its users on the network.

Protect your online privacy with the delete tracks option in your browser, and also improve the performance of your PC with the maintenance feature.

How do I activate Avast Cleanup Premium?

You can find and download the avast cleanup premium key on the manufacturer’s official website. And to activate this program, follow the instructions below:

  • After installing the program, download the Avast activation code settings by clicking the Download button and download
  • Accept the license agreement, without it further installation will be impossible
  • Wait for the installation process to complete
  • Use the activation code to enable Avast and complete the setup

Antivirus Internet Security Solutions from Bullguard

Internet security is an essential element of a safe browsing experience. It’s impossible to go online and avoid viruses, malware, phishing sites, and other threats unless you have a reliable antivirus that shields your device from that. In case you are searching for a new antivirus solution, Bullguard internet security can be one of the most trustworthy choices. Let’s discuss why and learn more about the extra features it brings.

Highlights of the program

Bullguard works on all Windows-running devices. Although the installation file is 300 MB, it’s surprisingly easy with an impact on system performance. Depending on the package and other details, the price starts at $30 annually. It’s a very affordable solution considering the value it brings.

The software uses multi-level protection to guard the device and data from all kind of threats on the Internet. It uses Bitdefender engines to deliver excellent detection rates. Bullguard is has great anti-malware and anti-spyware tools. However, it doesn’t have dedicated ransomware protection tools.

This is a proactive antivirus that stands out from the traditional solutions using new technologies and tools. Instead of dealing with viruses and malware after they get to the device, the software prevents these situations. An innovative threat detection method brings better results and blocks malware at the early stages as soon as it notices the first traces. The behavioral analysis in Bullguard Internet Security scores high eliminating all possible threats.


Firstly, the developer offers next-generation protection based on three levels. The 1st level scans site and files looking for malicious activities and viruses. The 2nd level enhances protection by identifying and stopping zero-day threats that haven’t been unidentified so far. Finally, at the 3rd level, the program blocks and quarantines the suspicious files.

Aside from observing the behavior before blocking threats, Bullguard scans network activities and studies the impact on system performance. There are high chances to see the first signs of threats in those areas.

The combination of multi-level protection and proactive technologies, the antivirus manages to detect most threats it time to prevent bigger problems.

Taking into account how much it does, Bullguard also stands out having almost no impact on system performance. Even during the full scan, it doesn’t take more than 2%. It’s an impressive number for such an effective antivirus.

Additional security tools

  • Bullguard offers a vulnerability scanner. This tool scans the user’s PC for exploits, missing security updates, unsecured Wi-Fi connections, and other vulnerable places that may let the virus in. Aside from that, it blocks auto-downloads of malicious or suspicious files/apps/drivers, etc.
  • Game booster is another security tool that comes as a part of the bundle. It optimizes the device and blocks annoying pop-up windows to secure excellent gaming performance.
  • The antivirus has a powerful parental control feature that comes in handy if you have children or want a certain type of content to be blocked.
  • A user can also expect a safe browser, a backup utility, a network scanner, and other features with the premium plans.
  • Traditionally, antivirus offers three scanning options. They are a quick, full, and custom scan. The main interface has a button to start the quick scan which is very convenient and time-saving.


All in all, Bullguard is a powerful antivirus solution that can help users stay safe when browsing the Internet.