The 3 Best Virtual boardroom Platforms for Business

There are many ways to establish connections between people at a considerable distance from the interlocutor. The best solution is to use a specialized boardroom for video conferencing. 

How to choose a boardroom?

Digitalization has made it possible for a relatively long time to hold videoconferences with many participants. And many companies are already actively using this format of meetings, when its participants can be at their workplaces, at home, or even thousands of kilometers from the office.

Whether you are a business firm, an organization, a start-up, or an individual, you want to find the right software for your needs. The needs of the virtual boardroom largely depend on why you plan to hold the webinar. Here are some features and capabilities you might want to see among your boardroom tools:

  • Security. Depending on the goals of your webinar, you can restrict access to it. You may also want to keep the list of members and their contact information confidential. If your webinar is paid, you would like to protect your visitors’ payment information.
  • The number of participants. Many platforms for webinars to some extent determine their value depending on the number of participants. This makes some sense because more participants require more resources. You would like to choose a platform that includes both the planned number of participants and your budget.
  • Support. When choosing an online resource or software, it is important to think about the possibility of technical support. The latter can be useful if something went wrong or a question arose during the launch of the webinar.

A selection of tools for effective online communication

The digital world offers us many opportunities to enhance virtual events. Let’s get acquainted with 3 online platforms for your webinars, training, presentations, and boards:

  • MyOwnConference

This convenient video service supports up to 16 different international languages. This allows you to easily organize both local and international online negotiations with partners. Up to 2,000 people can talk in one web conference at a time. At the same time, everyone can connect to conversations from any convenient device – a smartphone on different platforms, a laptop, or a computer. In addition to various broadcasts, you can view videos, presentations, show your device screen, and exchange text messages in the chat.

  • WebEx

This service for online conferences is considered one of the most popular. It allows for a variety of conferences, training, talks, or conferences, as well as online seminars. There are a variety of features for this, from showing graphic presentations to an online sharing board. Using the application is not so complicated, and setting up the functionality for your own convenience takes no more than 30 minutes. This tool is quite convenient for listeners who do not even need to register or install the program on their devices.

  • Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing provider that once attracted a huge number of users to the US market. The free version of this service offers the possibility of video conferencing with up to 100 participants and a duration of up to 40 minutes, as well as up to 40 minutes of recording the broadcast. The service has an excellent support service and an intuitive interface. The disadvantages are the lack of cloud storage and the need to register on the platform and download additional software.