Top data room providers Review | Best VDR Comparison

Virtual data rooms play an important role in modern business companies. They are the primary helpers in many processes that include document sharing and storage, as well as in various types of transactions and audits. The VDR market has grown enormously in recent years and offers from various providers have snowballed like snow before Christmas, but some providers remain on top of the market despite a large number of new offerings. A simple question in Italian would sound like virtual data room cos’è? That’s what we’ll talk about in this article. 

iDeals VDR is the best of the best 

IDeals is a large provider that provides services in a variety of industries and different sizes of businesses, but most often in the medium to large size. It is a reliable and flexible provider that has earned the trust of top executives and experienced bankers around the world. IDeals is always improving its skills and features by listening to customer feedback and providing an extremely secure and convenient solution to achieve all the goals the company has set for itself. 

The main features of VDRs are: 

  • Functions for mass uploading and dragging and dropping of documents, with an unlimited volume or number of files
  • Multiple file formats support during uploading
  • Automatic file indexing and full-text search
  • Possibility to access data room from any OS and device
  • Limited storage 

Intralinks Review 

Intralinks is the ideal solution during M&A transactions and offers the most extensive features in the field. It uses file analysis features and even AI abilities while keeping the interface simple and easy to use. 

Intralinks also offers a 30-day free trial of its product before you buy it. Prices for the Intralinks plan start at $25, and it’s best to check with the vendor for details. 

The main features of VDRs are: 

  • Mass download and drag-and-drop features to ensure easy downloads
  • Ability to rename files right before downloading
  • Automatic and thorough reporting of user activity in the space
  • Support desk provides help in languages other than English
  • Access program on all operating systems and devices 

Merrill Datasite – Overview 

Merrill Datasite is a versatile virtual data room that can work effectively in many areas including banking, private equity, law firms, and more. Provider provides excellent customizability of parameters and management of document actions and also has a feature of visual analytics. 

Also, the security of Merrill Datasite is at the highest level even compared with its competitors, its capabilities can meet any requirements for security. 

The main features of VDR: 

  • Control and permission management features
  • Definition of access and interaction with documents according to roles
  • Context search
  • Drag function for uploading files
  • Provides desktop-only access to Windows and Mac, allows you to download zipped files up to 50GB 

BrainLoop Overview

BrainLoop provides a SaaS solution as protection for valuable company data. With it, the data room can also be used during board meetings, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and secure collaboration. 

BrainLoop offers a free trial of its product but does not list pricing anywhere other than the official site, so it is best to check with the vendor for details. 

The main features of VDR are: 

  • Customers can access VDR both online and offline
  • Besides desktop use, it has support for mobile applications for all OSes
  • The program is integrated with MS Office