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Secure Virtual Data Rooms for Sharing Files and Information

Businesses are constantly creating, consuming, and sharing information as part of their operations. These can be both routine and confidential documents, the leakage of which can be detrimental to the company. Executives understand that company data is a company’s most valuable asset and must be protected, which is why virtual data rooms are such a sought-after tool today. But not all VDRs provide the same security features. This article will highlight the most secure data room solutions.

About iDeals Virtual Data Room

Since 2008, iDeals, a virtual data room provider, has established itself as a comprehensive and feature-rich VDR platform. The provider offers services for industries ranging from mergers and acquisitions to biotechnology. iDeals has been at the top of the best providers for quite some time, as it offers every possible feature for processes such as:

  • M&A transactions
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring
  • Comprehensive due diligence
  • Fundraising
  • IPO
  • Real Estate Management
  • Communications with the board of directors

Security, as befits a leading VDR provider – is top-notch. The system offers biometric authentication that protects entry from unauthorized users. Space administrators can adjust the level of access to documents from other users, depending on their responsibilities, and there is also a watermarking feature. In addition to the basic elements of any quality VDR, iDeals also offers:

  • Remote destruction – removes VDR data from someone else’s device at any time
  • Fence view -protects data from unauthorized photos and screenshots
  • Secure spreadsheet browsing -Excel data is now securely protected
  • Security certification -SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR

In addition, iDeals simplifies the document management process by offering download, conversion, indexing, and search automation features.

About Citrix Sharefile Virtual Data Room

Citrix Sharefile is a flexible VDR provider suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. The industries that can benefit most from the platform are finance, law, and healthcare. The data room security functionality of includes advanced technologies that comply with international security standards SOK 2 and CCAE 16. Key security features of Citrix Sharefile include:

  • 256-bit data encryption
  • SSL and TLS encryption during document downloads
  • Unique, strong passwords
  • Detailed access settings for an unlimited number of clients
  • Secure data of investment banks and companies

Citrix collaboration features are very flexible and convenient. The system indexes documents by itself and provides multi-level file categories and full-text search. In addition, analytics and monitoring features allow you to monitor user actions and steer company processes in the right direction to increase productivity.

About Datasite Virtual Data Room

Datasite is one of the most robust platforms for complex financial transactions. Its services include mergers and acquisitions, post-merger integration, IPOs, financial transactions, and restructurings. However, it is worth noting that the provider does not focus on any particular industry; it can be useful to everyone, real estate agencies, and law firms alike.

Its list of security features is truly impressive; they include:

  • Employee security training -reduces the likelihood of human error
  • Annual security audits -reduce the likelihood of vulnerabilities and security breaches
  • Physical security measures -DataSite data center personnel can only access data with a key card
  • Customizable watermarks – each user will be able to see their personal information with a watermark in the documents they open, reducing the likelihood of internal data leakage
  • Detailed user permissions – administrators regulate the ability to copy, edit, forward, download, and print a document based on user responsibilities
  • AI editing – allows you to erase all sensitive information from a document at once