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Antivirus Internet Security Solutions from Bullguard

Internet security is an essential element of a safe browsing experience. It’s impossible to go online and avoid viruses, malware, phishing sites, and other threats unless you have a reliable antivirus that shields your device from that. In case you are searching for a new antivirus solution, Bullguard internet security can be one of the most trustworthy choices. Let’s discuss why and learn more about the extra features it brings.

Highlights of the program

Bullguard works on all Windows-running devices. Although the installation file is 300 MB, it’s surprisingly easy with an impact on system performance. Depending on the package and other details, the price starts at $30 annually. It’s a very affordable solution considering the value it brings.

The software uses multi-level protection to guard the device and data from all kind of threats on the Internet. It uses Bitdefender engines to deliver excellent detection rates. Bullguard is has great anti-malware and anti-spyware tools. However, it doesn’t have dedicated ransomware protection tools.

This is a proactive antivirus that stands out from the traditional solutions using new technologies and tools. Instead of dealing with viruses and malware after they get to the device, the software prevents these situations. An innovative threat detection method brings better results and blocks malware at the early stages as soon as it notices the first traces. The behavioral analysis in Bullguard Internet Security scores high eliminating all possible threats.


Firstly, the developer offers next-generation protection based on three levels. The 1st level scans site and files looking for malicious activities and viruses. The 2nd level enhances protection by identifying and stopping zero-day threats that haven’t been unidentified so far. Finally, at the 3rd level, the program blocks and quarantines the suspicious files.

Aside from observing the behavior before blocking threats, Bullguard scans network activities and studies the impact on system performance. There are high chances to see the first signs of threats in those areas.

The combination of multi-level protection and proactive technologies, the antivirus manages to detect most threats it time to prevent bigger problems.

Taking into account how much it does, Bullguard also stands out having almost no impact on system performance. Even during the full scan, it doesn’t take more than 2%. It’s an impressive number for such an effective antivirus.

Additional security tools

  • Bullguard offers a vulnerability scanner. This tool scans the user’s PC for exploits, missing security updates, unsecured Wi-Fi connections, and other vulnerable places that may let the virus in. Aside from that, it blocks auto-downloads of malicious or suspicious files/apps/drivers, etc.
  • Game booster is another security tool that comes as a part of the bundle. It optimizes the device and blocks annoying pop-up windows to secure excellent gaming performance.
  • The antivirus has a powerful parental control feature that comes in handy if you have children or want a certain type of content to be blocked.
  • A user can also expect a safe browser, a backup utility, a network scanner, and other features with the premium plans.
  • Traditionally, antivirus offers three scanning options. They are a quick, full, and custom scan. The main interface has a button to start the quick scan which is very convenient and time-saving.


All in all, Bullguard is a powerful antivirus solution that can help users stay safe when browsing the Internet.