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Extra Large Dog Beds

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Top 5 Features to Learn About Before Buying Extra Large Dog Beds

Every dog should have a bed. While there is no necessity to spend much money on it, there are a few facts that are sure to help you pick a reliable and high-quality item. The selection of options in online stores is amazing and can satisfy even the most demanding customer. However, to make things easier, you should get to know first what you need to look for and how to make the right choice.

Let’s focus on the things you need to pay attention to when reading the description of each model.

5 Things to Compare when Getting Extra Large Dog Beds

  1. Durability is probably the key element of the decision-making process. Unless the bed can withstand your extra-large dog, there is no point in buying the item at all. The dog excitement can quickly tear the bed apart, so take into account the dog’s character and buy extra large dog beds that will last you for years, not weeks. In case your pet likes jumping, take a closer look at the model made from nylon or canvas. They are said to be the most durable options on the market.
  2. The shape and size of the dog’s bed are important, too. Don’t just buy any size since too big and too small are equally bad for your dog. Measure your dog, add some extra inches of free space and pick the size accordingly. Your pet must be able not only to curl up in a ball but to stretch out, too. Moreover, if you need a warm bed, the body should be able to warm it up, which is impossible if the bed is too big. However, choosing between two similar sizes, it’s better to pick the bigger one.
  3. Materials were briefly discussed above. Yet, it’s a separate quality to take into account. While it’s obvious you want the best for your favorite pet, you should look at durable and eco-friendly options. It’s also wise to get the bed you can easily wash lest it became a problem. If your dog is allergic, pick special materials, too.
  4. When making a choice, it’s important to decide whether you want an indoor or an outdoor dog bed. Think about it beforehand since the choice can differ drastically. Elevated beds are better for your backyard while soft and cushioned models will suit better inside. On the other hand, you could get both and place one inside and one outside the house. You’ll make the dog comfortable wherever it is. As long as you take into account the weather conditions, the surface, etc. you can get good options at a reasonable price.
  5. Finally, get the non-slip bottom. It goes without saying that the bed on slippery surfaces will be tossed around the house. If you have a carpet, there won’t be much difference. However, if you plan to place on wood or tile, the non-slippery bottom is a very smart move.

Aside from the main features, it’s also important to take into account your preferences and budget. Look out for dog beds with a good warranty or return policy to make sure you buy high-quality items with a guarantee. Even if it turns out otherwise, you’ll be able to return the bed or get the new one instead.

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