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Kodi ps4 | How to Install Kodi On Ps4 | With Easy Guidance |

Kodi ps4: Hello Everyone Here we are going to Explain Process about Kodi on ps3 and ps4 Let me Clear one thing is that Kodi is Available for Android, ios , Mac but Unfortunately it is not Available for PS4 Yes you Read it Right it not Available for ps4 and ps3 so you Cannot Install Kodi on ps4 directly But there is a Nothing Worry about it During we have Great Alternative to Kodi on PS4 And it is Called Plex app Plex is a Great Alternative to Kodi PS4 I Explained Below is the Guide to How to Download Plex and How We can use Plex to Install Kodi on PS4 Follow the Steps to Download Plex With My Easy Guidance…

Kodi ps4

How To Download and Install Ps4 With Step by Step Process: Please Follow Below Steps…

  1. Firstly Start up your PlayStation console and launch the PlayStation store
  2. Next, on the Home Page, You can See Apps option, Press on it
  3. Next Select Popular Section
  4. Please Scroll Down Until you Find the Plex Icon
  5. Next, Click on Download and Wait for to Install it
  6. Next, it will take Few Seconds to Install After that open it
  7. the Installation Process is Complete Tap on  Start
  8. Next, You can also open Plex from the TV and Video tab on your Home screen too
  9. Next for Access the App You have to Login with Plex Account and if you don’t have Plex account You can Create one from www.plex.tv/sign-up/
  10. That Sign in with that Account on Your PS4
  11. Next, the Logged in Logged in, the App Will Show you a Code and a Link from your TV Screen
  12. Next, Enter the Code from Your TV Screen and Click on LINK
  13. You will get a Message Stating “App Linked” on your Screen.
  14. Next, You Have Install Plex app on Your Android Device so Pick up Your Android Phone and Download Plex app from Google Play Store and Login with Your Plex Account and Click Stay in Trial Mode
  15. Next Go to Settings Next Select System and Next Enable these options